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[x] - You like cheese.

[] - You hate peanuts.

[x] - You agree that this quiz is random.

[x] - You have farted today.

[x] - You have choked on something.

[x] - You are a writer.

[] - You smoke.

[x] - You like swimming.

[] - You have farted more than once today.

[x] - You like ice cream.


[] - You have lied more than 10 times.

[] - You are an only child.

[] - You have more than 3 pets.

[x] - You prefer water to other drinks.

[] - You are an alcoholic

[x] - You are under 20 years old.

[] - You are over 30 years old.

[] - You have a boyfriend/girlfriend.

[] - You like jewelry.

[] - Your favorite music genre is rock.


[] - You weigh more than 140 lbs.

[x] - You like pirates.

[x] - You are a fangirl/fanboy of something. (Of MANY MANY things...)


[] - You take a prescription drug every day.

[] - You have a job.

[x] - You live with your parents.

[x] - You like to eat eggs.

[] - You have a religion.

[x] - You dress stranger than other people.


[] - You have had diarrhea in the past 2 weeks.

[x] - You have eaten something odd before.

[] - You are bad at math.

[x] - You love electronics.

[] - Someone/something has made you angry in the past week.

[x] - You cuss a lot.

[x] - You believe in aliens.

[x] - You play video games.

[x] - You have low self-esteem.

[] - You carry a purse.


[x] - You like flowers.

[] - You are gay

[x] - You are a Capricorn or a Scorpio. (Capricorn :la:)

[] - You have used tarot before.

[] - You believe in ghosts.

[] - You think The-Fun-Group is awesome.

[] - You like ~Fotus9's horoscopes better than *An-Unsure-Thing's.

[] - You thought today's funny saying was really funny.

[] - You have gotten one of the daily riddle's right.

[] - You have gotten in/came close to being in a fist fight.


[x] - You like fire.

[] - You have fainted or passed out before.

[] - You have a high school diploma. (Not yet)

[x] - You live in America.

[] - You use hand sanitizer a lot.

[x] - You consider yourself a nerd.

[] - You have tried chewing tobacco.

[] - You are a conspiracy theorist.

[] - You will tag people to do this.


[x] - You have imagined yourself being famous.

[x] - You own a stuffed animal.

[x] - You like watermelon.

[] - You live in Europe.

[] - You have a fetish for something.

[x] - You fidget a lot.

[x] - You agree that this quiz has nothing to do with anything.

[] - You won't re-post this quiz.

[] - You have your own personal computer and don't share one.

[x] - You have a brother.


[x] - You can cook well.

[] - You like to party.

[] - You are a bad dancer.

[] - You are a professional dancer.

[x] - You have crossed paths with a black cat. (I live with one XD)

[x] - You have a friend that you think is crazy.

[x] - You have under 10 good, close friends.

[x] - You are anticipating your answer to this quiz.

[] - You have ran away from something.

[] - You have watched the movie: "X Men 3"


[] - You like to mix soft drinks together.

[x] - You have done an odd experiment.

[x] - People have stared at you oddly in public.

[x] - Your grandmother(s) are still alive.

[] - You have a step-mom or dad.

[] - You hate to be tagged.

[] - You have been a member to dA for under 3 months.

[] - You have a dA subscription.

[x] - Your hair is brown. (Naturally that is– It's currently blue)

[x] - You love to eat candy. (WHO DOESN'T?)


[x] - You have dressed up for Halloween.

[x] - You love cats.

[x] - You have a quirky personality.

[x] - You are a coffee addict.

[x] - You live near a body of water.

[] - You have had a toothache.

[] - You currently have to go to the bathroom.

[] - You like reading others' answers to "What would you do?".



HUZZAH :iconhurrdurrplz:

Find your score & re-post this titled as "I'm ______________". (Put your answer in the blank.)

0-25 = A spaceship.
26 = Corn.
27 = The Chosen One.
28 = A donkey.
29 = Flashlight.
30 = Weed.
31 = Stalker.
32 = Poodle.
33 = A turd.
34 = Pacifier.
35 = Chili.
36 = A continent.
37 = Bamboo.
38 = A Nissan Skyline.
39 = Pedophile.
40 = A rather large and smelly fish.
41 = Parachute.
42 = Mob of angry sheep.
43 = A clone of yourself.
44 = A mortified chocolate deer antler.
45 = Pincushion.
46 = Toilet seat.
47 = Ninja.
48 = Psycho passion fruit.
49 = Yellow snow.
50 = Flammable.
51 = A poison Easter basket.
52 = A dirty diaper.
53 = Mammary gland.
54 = A moose humping a guardrail.
55 = An illegal immigrant.
56 = Tofu.
57 = Microscopic testicle fuzz.
58 = Staple gun.
59 = Tail feather.
60 = A white rapper.
61 = A shotgun shell.
62 = Sexy as hell.
63 = A popcorn fart.
64 = A rusty, herpes infected needle.
65 = Fortune cookie.
66 = Barack Obama.
67 = Chinchilla.
68 = Weapon of mass destruction.
69 = An epic failure at everything.
70 = A semi-proportionate and anonymous fish scale.
71 = Naughty nymphomaniac.
72 = Bicycle tire.
73 = Sweat.
74 = The Bubonic Plague.
75 = Turkey.
76 = Amoeba.
77 = A lice-infected hobo.
78 = The ruler of all evil.
79 = Horny toad.
80 = Fairy Godmother.
81 = Tuba.
82 = Anorexic llama capillary.
83 = Moldy snot.
84 = Miley Cyrus wannabe.
85 = Doppelganger.
86 = Future porn star.
87 = Unnatural disaster.
88 = Statistical database.
89 = Genital lice.
90 = Rocket launcher.
91 = Ruby vomit.
92 = Maggot.
93 = Selfish antagonistic poofing cat.
94 = Pudding.
95 = A gravy train.
96 = Santa Claus.
97 = Paris Hilton's big toe.
98 = Decaying insect corpse.
99 = Blood bank.
100 = Freak of nature and humanity
  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: Muse
  • Reading: Akira
  • Watching: Game Grumps
  • Playing: Rayman 2
  • Eating: a cookie
  • Drinking: Water

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